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We might think our food is a simple matter but it’s really extreme. The way you eat determines what your sex life will become in the future , how your children grow inside of you, the structure and function of your brain, your intimate hygiene and your lifespan. Good Health is the true Wealth ~ Nerissa Irving

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Great Whole Food Prenatal Vitamins

“Food Supplements
Whole food supplements are what their name suggests: Supplements made from concentrated whole foods. The vitamins found within these supplements are not isolated. They are highly complex structures that combine a variety of enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, activators and many other unknown or undiscovered factors all working together synergistically, to enable this vitamin complex to do its job in your body.
Nutrients from within this complex cannot be taken apart or isolated from the whole, and then be expected to do the same job in the body as the whole complex is designed to do.
The perfect example of this difference can be seen in an automobile. An automobile is a wonderfully designed complex machine that needs all of its parts to be present and in place to function properly. Wheels are certainly an important part of the whole, but you could never isolate them from the rest of the car, call them a car or expect them to function like a car. They need the engine, body and everything else.
The same analogy applies to the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or vitamin E (delta tocopherol) you can find on most health food store shelves. They are parts of an entire complex that serve a purpose when part of the whole. However, they cannot do the job of the entire complex by themselves.
With similar logic in place, one can analyze what a typical multivitamin truly is. The automobile equivalent of creating a multivitamin would be going to a junk yard, finding all of the separate parts you would need to make up an entire automobile, throwing them together in a heap (or capsule in terms of the multivitamin) and expecting that heap to drive like a car!
Obviously, there is a difference. Science cannot create life. Only life can create life.
Synthetic or Isolated Nutritional Supplements
Isolated nutrients or synthetic nutrients are not natural, in that they are never found by themselves in nature. Taking these isolated nutrients, especially at the ultra-high doses found in formulas today, is more like taking a drug. Studies show the body treats these isolated and synthetic nutrients like xenobiotics (foreign substances).
By the same token, food-based supplements are never treated like this by your body. For example, your urine will never turn florescent yellow, no matter how much meat (a good source of B vitamins) you eat. This sort of rapid excretion happens only with foreign substances in your body.
Not only are isolated nutrients treated like drugs or other chemicals by your body. Like drugs, they can create problems for you too. Nature does not produce any nutrient in an isolated form. The nutrients in foods are blended together in a specific way and work best in that format. For an isolated nutrient to work properly in the body, it needs all the other parts that are naturally present in the food too.
If the parts are not all there from the start, they are taken from the body’s stored supply. This is why isolated nutrients often work for a little while, then seem to stop working. Once your body’s store of the extra nutrients is used up, the isolated nutrient you’re taking doesn’t work as well anymore. Worse yet, a deficiency in these extra nutrients can be created in your body.
And, because most nutrients are isolated from the foods they come in — using a wide array of potentially nasty solvents and other chemicals — taking high amounts of these products can also expose you to these potentially toxic chemicals, if care is not taken to remove them. With the burden we are already facing from the high number of chemicals in our environment, why would anyone want to add more? “. 


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Cool Red Boost Juice

                                                                                           By Chef @LiaOrganic  

 For our #gettingFitToGetPregnant “Daddy to be,” it’s time to give your glands and blood a cool refreshing, hydrating boost! This oh so light and healthy recipe can increase that baby making sauce count. Give your partner so much awesome, “sauce.”

Fruit and Herb Blend:

  • 6 cups Cubes Seeded Organic Watermelon
  • 10 Fresh Mint Leaves


  • Remove seeds from watermelon
  • Cut into large cubes
  • Add mint leaves
  • Blend
  • Strain and “In-Joy”

“Lycopene — the antioxidant that gives watermelon and tomatoes their bright-red hue — is the mac-daddy of the fertility world. And while eating pretty much any red piece of produce will boost your levels, watermelon is the richest source around. Eating just one wedge a day can improve your number of in-shape sperm by 37.5 percent, per research in Fertility and Sterility.”

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Powerful Root Foods

Like the old grannies always said. “Too much of one thing is good for nothing.” Root vegetables grow beneath the ground. As yummy, colorful and nutritious as they are, they can be medicinal. Especially to a more toxic, not so healthy body. 
A friend of mine shared with me, that she had a miscarriage this year after consuming hot cups of fresh turmeic root tea “hot golden milk.” An ancient Asiatic remedy. Today it is widely known for treatment of the common cold. While there may have been other unknown complications, she reckoned the tea to have been a contributing factor.

She also shared that she developed non cancerous cysts in her breast and they worsened and became painful when she consumed excessive amounts of ginger root juice. 

She is a ginger addict and had to decrease her intake of ginger to get relief. 

She later met a woman with the same issue of breast cyst formation and was told by her friend that she was advised by her natropath physician, not to consume too much Ginger due to the condition. 

Turmeric and Ginger can promote mass circulation among other healing benefits. The promotion of detoxification in roots are powerful, so enjoy just enough, but never too much, is her advice. Research this topic for yourself and always consult with your healthcare provider if you have health concerns. Be well and ‘In-joy’ the healing benefits of root veggies!  
Golden Milk Shake (plantbased)


▪3 inches fresh turmeric root or 2 tablespoons powder (cut into small pieces)

▪2 cups cold hempseed milk (or whatever nut/seed milk you enjoy)

▪1 frozen banana 

▪1 tsp vanilla extract (or 1/3 vanilla bean)

▪1 dash black pepper (not optional/ turmeric needs a little heat for proper absorbancy)

▪1 dash cinnamon (optional)

▪1 tbsp honey (optional) or two dates


▪Simply combine all ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until smooth and In-joy!
-Lia Miller 

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