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Yoni Popping is a pelvic floor and full body workout that you can do with or without a Yoni Egg or Ben Wa Ball.

In this class you will learn about holistic ways to stengthen your mind, body and soul through crystal healing, food and fitness. Everyone will receive a free 8oz Vagina Therapy feminine wash. Come out and enjoy the energy, laugh and enhance your sex life and womb.

Yoni Eggs, Yoni bags, Ph balancers, Vegan hair products and more will be available for purchase.

Healthy refreshments and post workout snacks will be provided.

www.naturoticawellness.com and www.neneorganics.com For my feminine health product list.

Instagram: @nerissanefeteri @naturotica @neneorganics


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Your Sacred Creative Space


A Sensual Selfie of Myself right now. I love photography and I love capturing moments as the photographer. 
I’m going to make the extra room we have into a Sensual Art Room. Since we are still remodeling our home its the perfect time to use the blank slate to create something @m1deadprezrbg and I can create in and take our Reiki and Orgasmic powers to the next level. Painting, Photography, Healing, Meditating, Love Making . Find your space and manifest it into something that represents your ever growing spirit. ❤️ Have an amazing day.  



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