By Chef @LiaOrganic  

 For our #gettingFitToGetPregnant “Daddy to be,” it’s time to give your glands and blood a cool refreshing, hydrating boost! This oh so light and healthy recipe can increase that baby making sauce count. Give your partner so much awesome, “sauce.”

Fruit and Herb Blend:

  • 6 cups Cubes Seeded Organic Watermelon
  • 10 Fresh Mint Leaves


  • Remove seeds from watermelon
  • Cut into large cubes
  • Add mint leaves
  • Blend
  • Strain and “In-Joy”

“Lycopene — the antioxidant that gives watermelon and tomatoes their bright-red hue — is the mac-daddy of the fertility world. And while eating pretty much any red piece of produce will boost your levels, watermelon is the richest source around. Eating just one wedge a day can improve your number of in-shape sperm by 37.5 percent, per research in Fertility and Sterility.”