I am a Woman of Faith, Wife, Mother of three and an Entrepreneur.

Lia is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, licensed Food Contractor and Wellness Mentor. She is the owner of Ophelia’s Natural Goodness. A food contracting business located in Atlanta, Georgia.
She is very passionate about helping people to eat well, live well and change their lives.

Through understanding the power of clean eating, she shares her experiences with individuals that want to live well. Exotic plantbased mixology and signature Plantbased food prep are her specialties.

She attended The Living Foods Institute Healing and Education Center in Atlanta and has a twelve year background in healthcare.

Lia has served countless individuals, high profile clients and government organizations with professional food wellness services since 2012 and has over 23 years of experience in food service.

Her mission is to help others realize that through being gentle with yourself, along with time, knowledge and support, “Everyone Can Eat Clean.”