Thought of the Day:

If you want a better world then do something about it. There are soo many cultures in the world and with each one there are soo man spiritual beliefs. Some people worship a God that looks like themselves and some people workshop a God that doesn’t. But in the end we are all praying for the same reasons.

So with that said, black folks that cant get pass the injustice the whit
e man has done to them, The white man wrote the bible to fit him so you just need to write a bible to fit you. Black folks need to build their own empires again and stop relying on the white man to change the world because it offends you. We can do it ourselves now. Stories can be changed.

Complaining while you live in the white mans world (that he stole) is useless. And when I say white man I don’t mean just white folks I mean the mentality of people nowadays.

We need another revolution!!!

Raise the newborns with the real facts mommies and keep them natural so they can fight for us with plenty strength. ~ Nerissa Kamoy Irving