For me, A genuine “sensual goddess” is birthed from happiness, confidence, and acceptance of oneself. 

I’m happy! 

I love my flaws because I know they make me unique and I know I can improve them if I want to. If I’m feeling out out shape then I will start exercising and improving my diet. I don’t let anything make feel defeated. 

I accept what I “can’t change” and I work on my other amazing qualities. 

I work out my issues with others and with myself to keep an “organic mind”. 
Unnecessary stress and negative people will not defeat me. 

I don’t use my uniqueness to attract attention in order to cover up my insecurities.

 A genuine sensual goddess doesn’t need attention or beg for attention. She attracts what she needs without even trying and she is satisfied with that. 

There is no need for competition. A sensual Goddess is effortlessly her at all times. 

~ Nerissa Irving